Light from Darkness


light-of-mind-copyLast night I attended a wonderful Solstice Meditation lead by Lev Natan. Lev shared excerpts of his premier book coming forth this spring. A vision of healing was created. I was reminded of the possibilities available to us individually and as a planet thru self-cultivation and love. With devastation, bombings, killings, and hatred ever-present in society lately, I can sometimes feel overwhelmed. I know others feel similar; many patients express anxiety, anger and hopelessness. What can we do to make a positive difference in the world, our communities and personal lives? How do we express, not repress, upset in beneficial ways? Sitting in meditation allows us to go deep into ourselves, acknowledge what is there, and let go of what is not serving. Being clear gives us the space to be the light and change we wish to see in the world from a grounded self.

The solstice is a special time when the powers of the universe are particularly readily available. The winter solstice is the darkest and longest night of the year for those living in the northern hemisphere. It is a time to sit with our bowl of self and receive gifts from the cosmos. The offering is depth and darkness. Many answers can come from this void. I think about it as returning to nothing, being in the womb of nature or connecting to my ancestors.

The window of this opportunity is open three days before the solstice, the day of and three days after. I encourage people to make good use of this time. Disconnect from your devices and to do list; if only for 30 minutes. Sit with yourself, listen and be present. Observe what comes up with no judgment. Repressed thoughts or emotions may surface. Shine light on them and have the courage to face them. Gently let go. Feel your energy brightening and strengthening. From the depths of darkness comes light. What comes up for you? How can you be a light in your world?

The winter solstice is also referred to as the first official day of winter. Energetically, winter is a yin time and is associated with the Kidney & Bladder officials. It marks a time to be less active and more reflective. It is an opportunity to nourish ourselves with slow cooked wholesome foods so we can be strong and ready for the burst of spring energy. Stay tuned for more posts  about the kidney/bladder officials, acupressure, bone broths and foods to help you self cultivate during the winter.


(Photo cred: Blazing Light)

One thought on “Light from Darkness

  1. Thank you.
    I will do it for three days like you recommend.
    Please keep sending me info.
    And let me know of meetings like this, if is possible I will love to go.

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