Reflections on my 1st Acupressure Class

We are all here together in this COVID pandemic; all learning new ways of being. Quite a time for insight, patience and being in the unknown. As an Acupuncturist I am called to offer at home healing tools by teaching Acupressure along with tips on being in harmony with the seasons.

Last month I taught my first Acupressure class as part of a Seasonal Health Series with my colleague Sarah Chase Natan at Brooklyn Acupuncture Project (well on zoom). We opened the gates in the present season and offered a glimpse of Autumn thru the Chinese Medicine lens. Undeniable beauty, clarity, honesty, grief, letting go while holding onto jewels and inner grace were some of the gifts discussed. Learning the Acupoints allowed participants to grasp a deeper understanding of the Lung and Large Intestine Officials and connect to their essence. Overall I see this series as a wonderful opportunity for participants to ignite the connection that already exists between themselves and nature.

Participants learned Acupoints that support lifting stuck grief, opening the chest & sinuses, addressing cough, helping one find balance in judgement and encouraging the mind/body/spirit to let go of what is no longer needed.

I deeply enjoyed this experience – taking time to re-aquatint myself to the Chinese names of the points and their indications; finding ways to share location tips; learning how to upload and edit videos; finding the right words and ways to share the concepts of Chinese Medicine clearly. Yes it’s true, you learn when you teach. This re-learning deepened my connection to the points, the medicine, and I am grateful.

As winter rolls in I am happily preparing to share concepts around the Water element and Acupressure points along the Kidney & Bladder meridians . Save the date – Jan 23rd, 2021, 4pm. More info to come.

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